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Luke's Pop Up Diner

For women in their 20s, Gilmore Girls and Stars Hollow is what and where we aspired to be by this point in our lives. To have found a place so adorable, quaint, and safe from real world problems other than deciding which insanely hot guy you were going to date for the season. I haven't found my Stars Hollow. Or my Luke. Or even my Sookie. But today eases the pain of reality. Method Coffee joined forces with Netflix to bring a little bit of Stars Hollow to the women (and some men) of Dallas.  


I felt somewhat on the fence the night before knowing I would be going alone. There was an added anxiety having the pop up diner being at MethodCoffee. I spent a short amount of time living with the owner a couple years back. It was during the time when I found out I was pregnant and moved out one day without saying anything at all. Which is kind of my signature move. But who am I to let a little anxiety ruin my plans. 


When I arrive in line at 6:45am I found a nice spot next to a pile of vomit to make myself at home. I wasn't as surprised at the size of the line I was I was the people that were in it. Mostly what I could assume to be nurses and a good mix of women named Madison. I stood in silence staring blankly at the rolling clouds debating taking some pictures and leaving. I couldn't leave without some of Luke's famous coffee though.  

As 7am rolled around and the line started moving, the owner came out to greet everyone. I wanted to bolt but just slightly positioned myself backwards to avoid being seen. Then realized what a freak I was being and turned back around. I mean there's a ton of people here. I didn't set the guys house in fire. He probably doesn't even remember my name. In a passively rude way. 

As I entered the shop, I finally recognized someone inside. It was a client of mine so I refrained from saying hi since I looked like a bag of trash. I didn't know how dressed up people would be for this. Or think about how some people wake up and get ready for the day at this hour. I was going at this Black Friday style.  

As I approached the register I had a slight smile of nervousness. At the last moment the owner turned around from brewing coffee and said, "hey girl! How ya been?" And of course I was unprepared and whispered " good" and walked off with my coffee black.  

I laughed to myself as I walked out the door. Just thinking what would Lorelai do. Probably avoid Luke's.