Downtown Dallas Staycation!

Last week, while it was insanely hot, I decided I couldn’t sit at my moms hot house all weekend next week. I booked a room for the following Sunday at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The name sounds fancy enough. A couple days before I enlisted the help of my brother and Dustin to enjoy a night out with me.  



After check in, we all three walked to Spice In The City on Elm. I had never tried it even though I know it’s super popular on UberEats. It’s mexican/Indian fusion. That’s my two favorite cuisines so I was in heaven. 


I think we were all pretty impressed. After we finished we walked across the street to the new Otto’s Coffee shop attached to the Adolphus Hotel.


it was really the most perfect little shop full of coffee, pastries, and fresh food on the go. The interior was dark was traces of crisp white as well as vintage portraits decorating the walls. I had fun walking around and shooting pictures. The barista was absolutely sweet as well as he talked to both the boys.


From there we took an Uber from a man who’s notes said he was partially deaf so I immediately felt sad for him. Which is maybe equally as awful. Nobody wants to be felt sorry for. But I’m sure it’s good for tips. 


We get to Dots in Deep Ellum where I try a Cucumber Margarita. We sat in front of a fan which at first felt good until my eyes were so foggy from dust and dander that I couldn’t see.  We had a few more drinks before walking to 711 to buy a new phone cord charger because both of our phones were under 5% and we were I’ll prepared for the night ahead. As my brother and I stood to the side while Dustin made this purchase, a man rushed out the store with two cases of Budweiser causing the cashier to jump the counter and run after this elderly black man. He was tackled while other patrons condemned the actions of the elderly man.  


We then walked from the 711 to down the street to Twilight Lounge. I had switched to strictly low end beer while the bartender quizzed my brother on his favorite drinks before making him a specialty cocktail specific to his tastes. Dustin said hey to the singer Madison King who was bar tending before we made our way to the wind blocked backyard. Because we had zero airflow, it was muggy and hot and the smoke lingered midway in front of ourselves. I could barely see at all anymore and decided to head back to the hotel.  


I waited for my brothers Uber to pick him up and Dustin left back inside to pee. By the time the Uber driver arrived Dustin still hadn’t come back so I checked my phone and he text me saying to come inside. Upon entering there he was laughing with his ex girlfriend who I’ve heard from her staff on a few occasions that she’s not very fond of me. While standing there, from behind a lady barked “Uhhh Excuse me?” And at first I stepped forward and apologized then looked back to see there was plenty of room to move around for this waitress. Who the longer I stared at from behind realized it was my ex employeee at the salon. Dustin had set me up for a real shit show and I grabbed his arm and said we’re leaving now! 

I was insanely pissed and dragged Dustin into this speakeasy called Truth & Alibi where we couldn’t move to even get a drink and got lost in a sea of people. We quickly left and went to the hotel. Dustin ordered a pizza to pick up even though we were sans cars. Then he went to 711 to pick up snacks and forgot his wallet. Then our card stopped working at some point and I was in the lobby in my swimsuit hating him something awful for this series of embarrassments. 


The next day we slept til noon exactly.   It wasn’t a great night. Are  there any great nights involving Dallas? Like I hate seeing people I know because I hate 98% of people I know.