Tyler, Texas


Leading up to our overnight trip to Tyler, Dustin had accidentally gotten my car towed. So the morning of the trip was hectic and I barely made it to the salon in time to get ready for my first client. I ended up running a little late and then rushed home and met up with Dustin and jumped out of the drivers seat so he could drive because I was feeling too anxious. As per usual. 


We got into town after so many wrong turns from Dustin and traffic around 7pm. We had reservations at Lago del Pino at 9pm so I just got dressed and ready and we headed that way a little early. I was underwhelmed by the amount of cars in the parking lot. The food was great but the restaurant was empty leaving you wondering why. We asked the waitress where we should go for cocktails. She recommended Rose City Bar which wasn’t too far away. The reviews on yelp were okay so we headed that way.  It was in a strip mall behind a Dillard’s. Very college aged crowd. Long lines. We ended up talking to this couple who I told I was an investigative blogger and I was going to blow the lid off this Bible Belt town. 🌚


I mean I’m sure I am but ... like I’ve been busy so. Anyways that next morning we got up and headed to The Grove which was a block from our hotel. Pulling up I felt super confused about where to enter but once inside I was shocked at how cool this place was. While we waited for a table we got drinks in the parlour and were offered candied bacon. Which was the most amazing thing that’s ever been referred to as bacon. 


The outdoor area is like a hipster dream of instagrammable photo ops. How have I never heard of this hidden gem?! We then received a text for us to return for our table and so we do. At the table we are offered more Bacon. How can I refuse? I ordered the burger medium well with cheddar and another mimosa. I then wonder why haven’t I spent my whole life drinking mimosas and eating candied bacon? THEN the burger comes...


it was so good I felt like I was making out with this burger. No lie. The best burger I’ve ever had. Hands down. I was high off the experience. I even spent five minutes in the bathroom taking pictures and being silly.


we headed from The Grove over to a recommendation from Megan to go to this vintage store.  


The vintage store / record shop offered us beer or mimosas while a black lab roamed at our feet. Both the owner and her employee gave us a tour and I explored the back patio sale section that seemed to have more in my size. I scored a ton of stuff that I’m super happy about and have yet to unload from the car.


The people here were friendly but much too authentically cool for me so we purchased and left quickly and I asked Dustin to take me to the state park. We pulled up to a wooded area and there was suspiciously a skate park and I was like wait a minute! Did you understand what I was saying? This can’t be a state park. Lol


I allowed some skating to happen then we headed to the STATE park. Which was about 30 minutes outside of the town of Tyler. 


it was super crowded there and I was unaware there was a lake for swimming inside the park. It was getting pretty hot but bearable as we made our way over to the boating area.


We kayaked for about 30 minutes and it was actually super fun and way cooler out there on the lake! I’d love to come back with the kids!