Sulphur Springs

I commented on my friend, Megan’s instagram Friday inquiring about a waterfall she had taken a picture with. Very soon afterwards she gave me a call and invited me out Saturday afternoon to explore her new hometown with her. I never have a weekend day off usually but I had blocked my schedule for that day to go to a fitness event that morning. 


Megan has been my friend since I was 16, but with three kids and moving an hour away we haven’t had time to catch up. I agreed to make the trek out there with Samson and Dustin. Saturday after the fitness event, I hurriedly got ready and got in the car to enjoy the scenic route along I30. 


I dropped the boys off and Megan got in the car with me and we took pictures downtown. I was surprised by how well kept the downtown was. The streets looked brand new and it was bustling even with the soaring summer temps. She showed me the memorial park and the see through bathrooms. Which is definitely worth checking out might I add. 


After making out round around the square, we dipped in for some ice cream at a cute little place. After picking out my favorite flavor of Banana Pudding we headed upstairs to the game room where they have board games abound. 


From there we decided to go to the local beer hall and German restaurant. Sadly it was misleading as they only had two beers. Both of which were sour and at first mine was warm. I sent it back to only get a sour colder beer. And this was not a sour beer to begin with. But the little boot mug they served it in was a delightful touch! 


The food was below mediocre. But the place ended up packed before we left. From there we headed across the street to a wine bar. Inside wasn’t anything fancy but clean and well kept. The owners were beyond kind and helped us both pick out a class to have. A bottle to take home was only $10! Oh to be away from Dallas!  


Having my second glass of wine, I started imagining living there. Away from all the pressure. Away from all the skyrocketing prices of the city. To be able to breathe without the constant weight of the world resting on your shoulders. To have no one know my name.  


The thoughts have stuck with me since I left. Maybe life doesn’t have to be so hard. Maybe life doesn’t have to be a fight. Maybe things aren’t so concrete. I had a great time with Megan and didn’t want it to end. If it was up to me and I didn’t have to work the next day I would have spent all night sitting on the street talking to her. ☺️