Brewed + Pressed Apothecary Pop Up


Sunday afternoon I headed to West Village in the promise of free mimosas and natural body care products. I had asked my friend, Tiffany, to meet up with me to get a first look at Brewed + Pressed new line of face + body care line.


There at the normally medium sized coffee and juice bar they had two tables set up offering drinks and skincare items to try. As well as a DJ outside in front bumping music only suitable for those that weren’t hungover on this gloomy day. I was in luck though and grabbed some rose and waited to get my hands scrubbed. I opted for a coffee scrub, as I opt for anything coffee in flavor and smell as of lately.


The scrubs were aromatic and were gentle. We both purchased the scrubs we were sampled. From there we sat down and finished our drinks. Before we knew it the manager offered us another of his fresh made juice mimosas. Champagne and watermelon with a hint of cilantro. It was perfect and I don’t see myself ever being fully satisfied with a regular mimosa ever again. 


Check out their new products at the shop in West Village!