Full Psycle


when a brand new spin studio rolls into town, you know I have to check it out. I saw on insta story that a girl I followed said this new studio was giving away free classes for three weeks! 


Full Psycle is more of a competitive based spin class. Which to me yields the best workout if you’re competitive. If you’d rather be distracted by a fun dancing spin class I’d check out Zyn22. 


What’s different than other competitive spin classes is that you race in teams, based on your row. Which is ultra cool. But you race yourself too in other portions. Their computer screen calculates what your goal should be for short intervals based on what you’ve done in the class so far. Way high tech. 


The class was packed and mostly young women. I recommend sitting a couple rows back because I was on the front row and had to strain my neck to look up at the board most of the time. 


there was one guy next to me that sat the entire class. I think he just came for his girlfriend so I was annoyed. 🤷🏼‍♀️ But then I saw his stats and he placed higher than me. So... maybe he wasn’t the weak link holding the team back in second place.


Grand opening is June 2nd with free rides to those attend the party from 11am-1pm 🤗.


btw I places 16 out of 33 🌚🤦🏼‍♀️