Yoga Pod / Jade and Clover Outdoor Class


Yoga Pod is a new to Dallas yoga studio based out of Boulder, Colorado. Yoga Pod is located close to the Perot Museum downtown. Sure. There's tons of studios in Dallas to choose from. Why do we need another? First, there seems to be a variety of levels and a wide range of heat to no heat classes. Second, Yoga Pod wants you to get a good understanding of basic postures before moving on to other levels. It's recommended to do just the Basics class for four weeks before going up to the next level. That makes me feel like that have an earnest approach to wanting you to learn yoga for more than just fitness. Or weight loss. Or sweating...a lot.


I talked Jenny into going to her first yoga class ever on Main St. in Deep Ellum in front of all of her colleagues and passersby. Luckily she came with an open mind and actually did pretty well. I had just got done with a pilates class so every move was making me shake like a leaf.  Our instructor was soothing and knowledgeable. She was easy to follow but definitely did a lot of poses that weren't in the standard flow that I was used to. So it kept it interesting and not too difficult either. 


I have been practicing yoga off and on since...I was 22 at least. I've never been held back from trying things that are new. I don't really have a fear of not being good at something. I can't even really empathize because I feel like I've grown so far from that place. When I was a teenager I was held back by fear of what other's thought of me or of failing but now.... failure is a part of my everyday. So is success. I try not to let either effect me too much because its an ebb and flow. The point of life is to remain peaceful despite storms around you. When you can master that you can then be truly happy.

Back to yoga... my favorite part is Savasana. Corpse Pose. I can get real deep into that pose and its such a great and happy place to be. During this outdoor session, I was feeling the wind on my body. The cool summer night laying down on me as the sun set. Drifting further away from reality. Then BAM! a fire truck heads down Main St. toward downtown and I smiled to myself thinking of the timing of things. How funny life is.

After the class I felt ecstatic. Nothing is greater than the outdoors. Even in a major city. I just love being outside. Even when I'm at home, I'm outside on the porch. It was just such good weather and I felt a good energy all over me. That's what a good yoga class is about. Feeling renewed.

Okay so youre sold and you want to try Yoga Pod? Well lucky for you, first week is free. $2 mat rentals but if you bike there that's free too! Also all month long theyre hosting different outdoor yoga sessions with weather permitting. Check them out and let me know what you think!