Artist Spotlight: Tiffany Penny

I met Tiffany probably 8 years ago. She was dating someone that was friends with someone I was seeing. I won't use any names to protect us both from embarrassment. Okay me from embarrassment. It was that meeting in passing that led to us later talking online when she moved back to the middle of nowhere (union valley/poetry) where I also lived at the time. I had asked her if she wanted to go get some drinks. The only catch was that I had to go to the coinstar to turn all my change into money. Because I'm a classy person.


Still Tiffany being the insanely sweet and wholesome person that she is saw nothing weird about this and agreed. I'm pretty sure we went to Ships on Lower Greenville. And if you've been there...its the diviest of dive bars. Outside the bar she sang to me and my friend Justin. No hesitation. Which surprised me. What was even more surprising was  how great a singer she was. 

Not only that but over the years I've found her courage to be inspirational. She's up and moved to Austin and back to Dallas. She's hustled and made her way but by being an earnest person. Tiffany is probably one of the most ambitious people I've met. I've never heard of her being complacent. She does art, she's about to audition to be on The Voice, she's a saleswoman.

I'm sure we'll all hear more from her because I don't doubt her talent and drive. Follow her on Instagram: morningmuses to find out more about Tiffany Penny and all her many talents!