Artist Spotlight: Mary Ellen Ashley


I first heard of Mary Ellen before I met her. I was actually asked to work her maternity leave so chances were I wasn't even going to meet her. When my temporary job was finished they asked me to stay on as an assistant. Mary Ellen is a mother (obviously), eats avocados, and has recently bought a motorcycle. She's kind of bad ass.

Mary Ellen is also a star on the podcast Weird Girls Podcast which currently plays on iTunes. She's hilarious, educational, and she's worked with me so that's like a few extra cool points. She has an adorable two year old named Rowan who kept us on our toes for the afternoon. 

After I did Mary Ellen's hair and makeup, all three of us headed over to Houndstooth to have some coffee and croissants (babies love croissants FYI). While we were settling in so I could get some of their first shots of her and Rowan, I received a text from Mary Ellen saying the couple next to us were breaking up. I said..."oh shit" and looked over quickly and glanced back to her and shrugged. Don't come to a public place to breakup if you don't want me taking pictures of it so you can remember it forever, ya know?

After about five minutes it felt pretty uncomfortable so we moved to the other side of the cafe. As we talk Mary Ellen tells me how she's moving to Nashville to be closer to her family in November. Impressive. I'm jealous. Starting over. Ahhh. The adventures you will have. 


Mary Ellen has also bought a motorcycle to fix up while she's out there. Because she wasn't already cool enough. Honestly though guys... if youre into women...and podcasts, check out her podcast:

Weird Girls Podcast is the only podcast that I've EVER listened to. It's available on itunes and go ahead and like their facebook! Thank you again Mary Ellen and Rowan for spending the day with me and having fun!