I think a lot of us have heard the saying, “Make decisions not based on the person you are today but as the person you want to be.”


Maybe you don’t understand it. Maybe that sounds nice in theory but how will that get me anywhere in life? Or maybe you have a lot of excuses of why you need to hang on to the person that you are. 

i can understand where all of these thoughts come from. I think inside most of us is a rebellious defensive person afraid of friction and the unknown. 

The basis of this idea starts with our perception of reality. Your reality is your perception of life and events and your awareness of your surroundings. Your reality is also often partially the reflection of the reality perceived from your peers. It’s hard not to be influenced by that. To see things the same way as those around you. You will be perceived vastly different if you’re at a high end store by their employees versus at a thrift store wearing the same outfit based on their reality. What their expectations are, lifestyle, etc. Yet you are the same in both situations you might have vastly different feelings about who you are. 

So with that in mind, what do you want to give to peoples perception of you? Maybe you feel inadequate. Maybe you get told you are a type A personality all the time and are dying to be more creative. Maybe you’ve been filling this role as the friend that just plays a supporting character in your own life and you want to be someone else. Yet it’s hard to see yourself as someone else because you allow people to define you.  


So so let’s wrap your head around this idea. 


Everyday you wake up, you can be anyone you want to be. Your decisions of yesterday do not dictate your future. Silence the voices inside and out that hold you to this characater that you clearly are not anymore. You have that power. The power to change at will.


For many of us change can be an uncomfortable thing. Less so though for those that aren’t changing. They are just being this new person. Changing would mean that you’re in a transition between two ways of being. Accept that you are this new person. This new character that has new traits. At first you’ll feel like an actor until one day you don’t have to be completely self aware in the moment of your decisions as this new person because it’s so instilled in you. 

So that’s just an idea, right? How do you truly know who or what you want this new person to be? How do I align myself ... with my true self? 

Theres many ways I like going about doing this. It isn’t some new wave transcedal meditional divine intervention... thing. I mean I’d love if that was attainable as this but it’s actually much simpler. So write down a list of qualities you want. If that’s too hard to define start with why you wanted to make this change. A list of qualities that you want to not have anymore. Then figure out what it is you WANT. I hate to focus on any negative but for most people this is what you’re used to so it might be an easier start.


After you know the qualities you want to have then visualize who or what started this mentality. What inspire you to envy this trait.  

Now create a vision board. Either print out or even better, draw what originally inspired you. Take your time and make it as beautiful as possible because this is who you’ll be. I love to draw myself doing what it is that embodies this person. Put up the vision board in a place you spend the most time. You need to be reminded of who you are daily. Wake up early and meditate on this vision of you. Imagine who you are and walk through your day in your mind, imagine magical sparks going through your body and lighting each step you take with pure joy.


Meditation is the best part about this. Do it everyday. What makes your waking life more of a reality than your daydreams? Take the two together as your reality. 


Hope this helps inspire anyone to be the you that is truly who you are 👯😻