Koneko // Halloween

I just got my first tattoo in seven years two weeks ago, right? Well I follow the shop my friend, Millie, does booking for and saw a Halloween flash they were doing for limited appointments this week.  I asked Millie if any spots were left for Monday and there was actually a time that worked after Dustin could come home and watch Samson for me. How serendipitous? 


I was nervous going to the appointment alone because well... who likes doing new things alone? But what is more disliked is coming to an appointment with an entourage.  The studio is brand new having just opened a couple weeks ago. I’d say the overall look of Koneko is clean, plants and white. Very modern in ways of the usual tattoo shop I’m accustomed to. And as far as I know, it’s an all female shop.


As a woman who has had her tattoos done all by men and has mostly felt uncomfortable with the interactions within the shops... or motels... or back country houses in Arkansas...this was a nice change. It feels more like a salon than a tattoo shop. My artist was Dre who has just relocated here from the Bay Area.  


The set of flash for her special was a one use per tattoo kind of thing before she retired it for the special. I get that because if I’m doing things that I want for my portfolio then I want variety. Dre was helpful and easy to talk to. I went with the ghost kitty trick or treater on my arm between my traditional pieces. She even enlarged it to work better for the space. After she finished the outline, she took some pictures and decided to do some shading as well. That’s super nice since most tattoo artists I have met just seem to want you out of the shop as quickly as possible and don’t really care to do anything extra if they don’t have to.  

Overall the experience really changed how I felt about tattooing. You can be have good customer service in a nice easy going welcoming atmosphere. Who knew?