Raw Artists: SAVOR

Back in September I was asked to be in this showcase. The showcase features 60 artists from Dallas and features your work. Initially I was super surprised and hype on the idea. I love curating a whole look. I asked if Jenny could help and they agreed. Previously I hadn’t really heard of RawArtists. I signed on though and first started looking for models. 


so what started off as excitement quickly led to dread over the next couple weeks. No one wanted to model in the show. No one wanted to buy tickets. I was surprised. Then I thought about it and being on a Wednesday was hard. Overtime Jenny and I sold the tickets and had about three models pinned down for the showcase. 


one dropped out an hour prior to the show but we had to keep going. In the days leading up to the showcase, I couldn’t make any of my hair pieces work with the material I bought. Overall I was feeling discouraged. Plus with all the models dropping I didn’t want to invest anymore money. I felt like a sore loser but... it just wasn’t in my personal budget. 


the showcase itself was pretty awesome. There was a lot of miscommunication via email that I just took at face value. Upon arriving I realized I was the only artist without a booth. I shrugged it off and decided the less set up and break down, the better. The night was amazing to feel supported by those who came and those that bought tickets to just support us but couldn’t make it. 


I was semi jealous I couldn’t have gone all out like a lot of the other artists that were being showcased but we made due with what we had. All in all a good learning experience. We’ve already submitted to showcase in Denver for February. Hopefully we get admitted! Wish us luck!