Friday the 13th // Hocus Poke Us

In all my years in Texas, I have yet to succumb to the allure of the Friday the 13th tattoo. For those that don't know its a $13 small flash involving the number 13 and an included $7 tip making it only $20. Other shops have upped the price, which I can't blame them, so when I heard about this pop up at Local Moto in Oak Cliff I thought 'Why not?'


It had been 8 years since my last tattoo. My last experience getting tattooed wasn't all that great. Plus theyre typically expensive for good work. In theory though I'd like to get more tattoos so I look more finished overall. I've always admired body modifications without it being too obscene or grotesque. Even plastic surgery. Why not make the best of your time here on Earth? Really garnish that body of yours. I don't take most things in life seriously and that seems to baffle most people... even make some people angry. Sometimes I take life too seriously. When I do it correlates with how happy I am. So I try to make myself happy.


So I asked Jenny and Dustin to come with me to the the F13 party at Local Moto + Provisions, which is seemingly a motorcycle shop and beer/coffee shop. Next door is the more well know Local Press + Brew featuring cold pressed juices that are also sold throughout the more affluently hipster neighborhoods here in Dallas. I get a lot of anxiety prior to going to an event that's dependent upon getting there early and long lines. I showed up 15 minutes early to the starting time with Dustin and having Jenny say she was going to be a little late to a list being monitered by a very nice lady with 10 people ahead of us. We had some sliders and waited. Jenny arrive 2 hours later and upon arriving putting her name on the list. With 30 people between us. With 4 hours left at the party and not even having gotten to me or Dustin yet... I didn't see that as a good sign for her.

My brother texts me and asked what I was doing and I proceeded to invite him out. When I'm doing something cool... I kind of blank out of inviting anyone else so I'm trying to be better about it. In reality I like to keep my life as small as possible. I don't like people being dependent upon me. I don't like having expectations or feeling obligated to do anything. I don't like going out and running into people I know. I enjoy going into a world full of anonymity. Huge things can be going on in my life and I don't tell anyone. I just hold it close to me like I'm playing a game of poker. Maybe it's control. Maybe... it's getting older. Either way I'm trying to involve people more in my life. 


2.5 hours in I finally get a text saying that theyre ready to start my tattoo. I go up in the line and the lady holding the sign in sheet tells me my lady is almost ready. I was kind of absent of emotion at that point. I felt the need to be personable towards the tattoo artist as I know an event like this theyre probably more viewed as machines. The whole thing took less than 15 minutes. The tattoo hurt exactly as it should considering someone is ripping your skin with a needle. I was surprised I couldn't meditate as well as I did 8 years ago. Though it wasn't really enough time to even need to.


I walked out and strangers were asking to see it. I faked excitementand agreed how good it looked. And it did look good. I just don't like strangers. While I was in the chair my brother had arrived so I was in a hurry to greet him. I know how awkward being alone in a crowd can feel. Not that anyone would do anything mean to him but I'm very protective of my brother. Dustin was receiving his  tattoo and Jenny had left to go get her work gear before she started her shift then returning to try and get her tattoo done. Just as quickly Dustin came out of the garage with a cute coffee mug with 13 on the handle. It was my second choice. I excused myself to the bathroom having chugged three waters while waiting.


While in line for the one restroom for about 100 people which I mentally noted that there must be some code violation for this...but i'm all for breaking the rules so here we go. Then a group of young women tried to skip me but then turned the corner and saw there was someone ahead of me. One of the friends was like, "guy there's a line here" before her friend retreated back behind me. I was in a super calm mood prior to that. I used the restroom then went to leave and the main girl was just blocking the doorway. Without hesitation I just ran into her completely and kept walking. 

That's where the night turned and everything started grating my nerves. I just didn't want to be around anyone. Dustin was annoying me. I felt I needed to eat something real. So I decided we needed to leave. Dustin was disappointed because a lot of his friends showed up and he wanted to talk to them. That kind of annoyed me more though. 

I'd like to say the night ended well... but it ended in a huge fight. I hate that one thing can make me snap where the flood gates of anything and everything that's ever been done to me is unleashed. I mean you can't just avoid everything that triggers you. I mean you can. But then you won't have a cheap F13 tattoo, right?