LUCK at Trinity Groves

I was having an awful day. That turned into an awful week. I had spent most of that day though having a meltdown about my finances. About how none of my homework or marketing was doing anything. In an effort to cheer me up Dustin had offered to take me to eat wherever I had wanted. 


I had really wanted Eno's but when we missed the exit Dustin suggested a trip to LUCK since we had never been. He had regulars who worked at LUCK and they'd bring in food for him from time to time. I agreed knowing he had been mentioning he wanted to go for months.


We had first taken pictures at the continental bridge then walked our way over through the outdoor courtyard of various pop ups and into LUCK. The staff was helpful and courteous. I was fairly dressed up to be sitting on a picnic table. It was hard to straddle without flashing people so I quickly went from embarrassed to angry unapologetic flasher.  


The menu for me was kind of ... idk I wasn't in the mood for experimental American cuisine. Like... I wanted pizza or Mexican food. Those are my faves. Or just chicken breast and a nice side. I ordered an assortment of vegetables with cheese on top unknowingly. I should have asked questions but I was already in a bad mood. Dustin ordered a burger.  


I was unraveling more and more as the meal continued... I finished my meal which was a "shared plate" for a family of mice, in under three minutes then watch Dustin eat and feed Samson some of his food. 


I felt guilty for not being happy. I mean I was LUCKy (lol) I even have someone that wants to take me out to make me feel better. But I just felt so over not having things work out the way I wanted. Including this meal.  


I cried in the way home and Dustin offered to get me torchys. Then I cried more because he thought that a tub of cheese would change things for me. And cried because it probably would have.  


So do I recommend LUCK? Yeah there wasn't anything wrong with it. It was expensive and not my taste but... I'm sure it is for someone.