Ode to Joy Macarons!


Upon passing the storefront on Lower Greenville, I am immediately intrigued. By the simplicity. The aesthetics. The fact that they can somehow make enough money to afford a store front on the sales of little cookies alone. 



I quickly find myself inside fawning over the color coordination of all these sweet creme filled wafers. No one immediately greets me so I quickly take pictures without judgement. Except from Dustin.  

Macarons aren't super popular here as they are in Europe but they've been around for quite some time. Created in the 1500's in France they began as little wafers made with just three ingredients. It wasn't until the 20th century that some mad man decided to fill them with some creme. But I appreciate insanity so I can't wait to indulge. 



I choose a variety including their two new fall falcons launched that day. Some sort of green Apple and of course pumpkin. My favorites, I decided while sitting on their sidewalk patio, were the lavender and the rose flavors. Gentle in flavor but it seemed sweeter that way. Hm. 



Satisfied, yet still confused on how they can afford this amazing storefront with amazing cookies, I glanced down at my $13 tab for six cookies and nodded. It all makes sense now. In an age where a good picture brings revenue, Joy Macarons set themselves up in a sweet spot. 😐