SESSION pilates

Have any of you noticed the new Pilates shop on fitzugh and cole? I mean it's really obvious yet easy to miss. It's only been open two months and is about as small as any other Pilates studio I've been to. Yet with the wall of windows facing fitzugh it has beautiful natural light and an open feel.  


When I arrived I was coming from south75 so I parked on cole ave. Walking up I saw the dynamic wall 'session pilates' that I wasn't sure how I had missed over the last couple months.  


I came in 15 minutes early to have time to take some pictures and get situated. Obviously I was the first one there so I talked to the inscructor about my knowledge of Pilates. Like I know how to do Pilates but my body prefers not to know Pilates. I suck at it. Like I wanna cry when I do Pilates. But that's why I do it because it challenges me. 


I went in the restroom to change into my grip socks and to take a pre workout selfie. Afterwards I went in the main room... the only room and sat on a reformer (the Pilates torched device) and practiced good posture. Another five students rolled in over time and with twenty reformers I had sat myself far away from most of the students. Typical.  


Soon though the class began and right away we were working on abs and arms. I was instantly pouring sweat. Lately I've been sweating a lot. Tmi? But it's like as if I'm in the pouring rain. After ten minutes I kept giving up. We moved into legs which I thought oh great finally I can relax because I can kill my legs and it's typically fine. But Pilates doesn't use your strong muscles. It uses the muscles that don't exist on you yet. So it always hurts. And when it hurts, they push you a little further. At one point I was laying on my side closing my eyes trying to meditate away from the pain. Then when I sat up there was literally a puddle of sweat under me. 

Everyone else in the class was really petite and small. While waiting for the class to start I kept staring at myself in the mirror thinking... at least my makeup was on point. Then I'd counter with thoughts about my back fat I could see hanging out from my sports bra being tight. One day I'll be in better shape. Maybe. If I stop eating pizza with Dustin. Men eat so bad and get away with it so I'm hating on men rn. 😐 

but back to session Pilates, they are doing a donation based class this Sunday for a women's shelter, bring a $ donation or something they could use in a shelter and enjoy a challenging class in a totally awesome studio that'll change your mind and body!